Computing Environment — Introduction

A computing emvironment means a particular configuration of layers of software and hardware to run a program. 

For example, your computer is running on a particular OS (e.g. mac OS X Yosemite). On it, particular versions of programing language  (e.g. Python 3.8), web framework (e.g Django 3.2) and / or many libraries are installed.

When you run a program, it will utilize the sets of these resources which are interlinked each other (called “dependencies”).

As functionalities of software are being updated rapidly (“version update”), a program dependent on another program may not run properly if there is even a single version difference between the dependencies.

There are three typical issues relating to computing environment: 

1)  Conflict on the same computer

2)  Conflict with others’ computers

3)  Conflict at test & production stage

The following sections will explain each of the issues.